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Thunder - Man


   a superhero
for change


Image by John Burrell, Reach Photography

Thunder-Man is a superhero created by
Xander Goodwin (when he was aged 4).

His hero has amazing powers; he can fly, create thunder and lightning, is as fast as the Flash, and is "awesome, like Batman".

Thunder-Man's main superpower though is helping children's charities that Xander chooses himself, and then he decides how to fundraise and create awareness.

Xander created Thunder-Man at school, and decided that he would contact comic artists and sell images of Thunder-Man on t-shirts to raise money.  


You can donate to his causes through PayPal if you wish:



Or go to the Thunder-Man T-shirt Shop
to get your own t-shirt!  

Since 2015, Xander has raised over £1,150
for charity, and has even had his hero highlighted as an advocate for Anti-Bullying with his own Comic Strip!

If you want to help Thunder-Man, please support him by becoming a...


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  • Thunder-Man Twitter Page

 Young Achiever WINNER 2016

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